Sunday, May 24, 2015


Here are this weeks pictures!  
I couldn't choose just one.

I saw these sunglasses in Target the other day and just could not pass them up!
They were just too cute!
At first she kept pulling them off as soon as i put them on, but then i put my teething necklace on and she didn't seem to mind.

This baby is such a ham!! 
I put her down on the bench and this was the first and last picture i got of her here before Ziva came up and started licking toes.  It doesn't take much to get her to smile.  

I think we may have a crawler!  She's been showing signs for awhile, propping herself up on all fours.  For awhile she just rolled around where ever she wanted to go, but yesterday she started to push a little and we would put something on the ground and she was go for it.  I think in the next week she'll be all over the place.  Uh oh!  Time to baby proof!

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