Sunday, May 24, 2015

Finished Macrame

I finished up my macrame wall hanging i started a few weeks ago!   I like how it turned out.  A little different than what I was picturing, but then again i was really just making it up as I went so I wasn't really sure what i wanted. 

I did a few things and then undid them and then had to finish things up because I started to run out of rope.  I actually had to extend the rope by sewing on more rope to the ends so I could finish.  Definitely take a lot of rope to do a big design!  If you think you have enough...add a few more feet.  

So I first tried to do a leaf design in the center, but it was kinda wonky so I undid it and tried a snowflake.  As you can see the rope was getting shorter in the middle.

Now that I look at it on here the snowflake makes it look like an eye....hmmm oh well. 
 I still like it better. 

And all done! I may someday do some more macrame-ing, maybe not as big, but I had fun doing it.  
Really once you figure out how to do the knots and what design you want it's pretty easy and goes by fast.  I would have probably finished in a week had I not run out of rope and had to hand sew more, that kinda took awhile. And that was mostly done during nap time and some evenings after I put Rose down for bed. 

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