Friday, June 7, 2013

around the yard

Last month when my parents came to visit me and my mom worked in the yard some and they bought me some plants.  I had a lot of plants inside that were looking pretty pitiful and almost dead from the move/winter/not watered so we brought them outside and most of them are looking a lot better!   

the bird bath was here when we moved, but had a few small holes.  We broke up some of the succulents i had (from my wedding almost 3 years ago) and re-rooted them.  It still looks a little rough, but there are a lot of new growth and give it some time i'm sure it will look really good!

Ziva modeling for you

this is a close up for my mom...the purple heart was looking really rough when we planted it, but it's done really well! and the cuban oregano.

another plant that looked dried to the bone.  fish hooks and last fall when my parents were here we found some of the string of pearls on the ground (!) at the botanical gardens and brought them home with us.

i've got some seeds in the white containers.  we added the baskets to the wall and they have held up really well...even through some crazy weather and almost tornadoes! they are just wedged in between the cracks.

this picture above and below are in the front yard.  I've got some other things planted that haven't bloomed yet so i'll wait to show pictures later.

and just a couple more cute pictures of Ziva!
she loves this yard!

It's all still kinda a work in progress, but it's definitely not something that just happens over night.  It's hard to not want to do a lot more, but since we're renting i don't want to put too much in to it if we aren't permanent.

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