Monday, June 17, 2013

Road trip 2013

We made it back from our road trip out west late friday evening.  I uploaded all my pictures the other day and have been going through them...there are a ton!  I'll probably break it up into several posts.  I took this picture after we made it home to document how far and how many hours we spent in the car...

We went 3213 miles!  And spent 56 hours and 8 minutes in the car. 
That's a long time, folks!  Our butts were sore!
We did split up the driving (well sorta...Jeremy still did the majority of it).

Our first night was in Denver, CO.  We went out for some sushi and then hit the hotels hot tub for a little bit.  We tried to go to bed early, but the power went out and there were lots of people in the hallway talking/yelling at each other.  We got up early and hit the road again.  We stayed just outside of Yellowstone in a cabin.  It was between the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. When we were checking in the girl that was helping us had the state she was from under name.  It said Georgia and i asked where she was from expecting to hear in the Atlanta area. She said Valdosta!  And i was all like "Us too!!"  She went to VSU there.   We got to talking about the area and she told us what street she lived on, which was close to where my parents live.  Then she said she pretty much lived at the house across the street from my parents house (mom, dad...the blue one across the street).  Of always has a ton of college students living there.  We thought that was pretty cool!  Anyway...after we got to our cabin we set out on a walk on the trail right outside our cabin.

A few pictures at the Grand Tetons


from outside our cabin

Just before we walked down to this area there was a sign posted about bears and what to do if you come across one.  I started to get a little panicky and wanted to get out of there.  We were the only people out there and i thought i saw some big brown thing off in the wooded area.  I wish i had gotten a picture of the bear sign.  I think it would have been hard for me to just "play dead" if a bear came up to us.  And to fight back if the bear attacked chance in winning that one.  I think i had seen too many of those I Shouldn't Be Alive shows with the bear attacks and stuff.

Apparently i would make this face pretty often.
Although it wasn't scary walking on the road.

The sun didn't set until about 9:30. 
Jeremy was already in bed reading when i took these.

our cabin for the night

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