Thursday, June 20, 2013

last day in yellowstone and a few other stops

This was our last day in Yellowstone and it was a little cold and rainy.  Since we had seen most of all the major things to see we decided to just drive and walk around.  We saw a few more geysers/hot springs at
Geyser Basin...

we thought about walking all the way across, but it was windy and cold by the water.

ha! oops!
we decided that we didn't have many pictures of the both of us so we set up the camera and used the timer a few times...

of course we had to take a picture by the sign on our way out


driving through Shoshone National Park just outside of Yellowstone

we kept thinking of old westerns with Indians hiding in the hills

We came up on Buffalo Bill Dam and decided to take a peek

^^ just another random stop to take some pictures^^

I made Jeremy pull over so i could take a picture of these purple flowers.
I kept seeing them along the side of the road and off in the distance with yellow wildflowers.

^^ road side Iris ^^

Last stop: Mount Rushmore

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