Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Old Faithful, Geysers, hot springs and a hike

When we got to Old Faithful we weren't sure what time it was going to be going off, we just knew it was every 90 minutes or so.  So we put on our sunscreen and bug spray and started walking around.  We walked up and saw Old Faithful going off just towards the end.  We thought it was just going to be that one thing and we missed it and was going to have to wait.  Turns out there are hundreds of hot springs and geysers all around the area so we walked around.

I was really in to the buffalo's!

This one here was one of my favorites. 

After we walked around a couple hours we started to get cold and hungry.  We got some lunch and noticed that Old Faithful was going to go off in about 5-15 minutes.  We rushed over and got to see it go off.

This was at biscuit basin

After walking around we noticed there was a trail going to a waterfall.

buffalo herd

stopped a couple times on the way to Mammoth Springs

I think Mammoth Springs has had it's hay day.  Like back in the 70's (jeremy said more like 2000 years ago).  It was mostly dried up and nothing but white rock.  It reminded us a little bit of Meramec Caverns here in Missouri. 

Next up:  Geyser Basin, a few last stops around Yellowstone, Shoshone and Buffalo Bill Dam.

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