Monday, February 9, 2015

ziva's weekend

We got a little bit of a break from winter this past weekend.  It was sunny and in the 60s! Saturday we walked on Grants Trail for a couple hours.  It was nice to feel the sun on our backs.  I know since Rose was born Ziva has probably felt a little left out.  Plus she gets pretty excited once it starts getting cold.  Unfortunately it's too cold to go outside and play with the baby.  She goes in and out all day, whining and barking to come in and then to go back out.  Occasionally Jeremy will take her for a jog or hike.  (Rose is napping now and since she's usually only sleeps for about 30 minutes i gave Ziva a bone so she wouldn't bark.  Well she started howling at her bone...earlier she was howling at a sock.)

So Saturday we went on the long walk and on Sunday we went down to the Soulard area and walked in the Dog Parade. So many people. So many dogs!  We watched the parade for a little while.  Jeremy went off and found some slices of pizza for us. It was really too crowded to see the dogs so we just walked right in and joined the parade.  It was part of Mardi Gras so there were a lot of people and dogs dressed up and people throwing beads.  Blues Traveler was going to perform afterwards and we kinda waited around, but we were getting a little tired and we still had a long walk back to our car so we missed the concert :(.   I called this Ziva's weekend since she get some extra attention (from us and strangers) and lots of walking in.  Saturday and Sunday night she seemed pretty worn out.  

walking in the many people.

there were a few dogs that had their fur dyed for Mardi Gras 

taking a break

this is my new favorite picture of Ziva!  She looks so happy!
someone gave her some beads

just a cool house

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