Monday, February 16, 2015

Rose and Ziva

These two...Ziva is always trying to lick Roses toes (Rosie's toesies as I like to say) or hands or whatever she can get her big wet tongue on.  I don't always let her, especially the face or hands since rose likes to suck on her hands, but toes are up for grabs.  One day I was holding Rose on my hip facing out doing some squats and Ziva was a few feet away chewing on a bone. I wasn't really paying attention until I heard this faint little laugh a couple times. I could see in the mirror that she was watching Ziva and laughing.  I thought it was pretty cute. Jeremy said she was doing it the other day too.  I keep telling Ziva that one day Rose will be fun to play with.  I couldn't decided which of these pictures I liked more so I thought I'd just post all 3 of them!

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