Monday, February 23, 2015


We'll be making our way to Georgia tomorrow!
A few days opened for vacation at Jeremy's work so he hopped on it.  
Otherwise it would be a few months since everything is booked.  
We just found out this morning so i've been trying to do some packing and getting Ziva squared away at the kennel.  It'll be a quick trip, but will be nice to see everyone again!

I believe this was my bonnet when i was little, my mom gave it to me.  

I've been wanting to blog more about other stuff rather than just baby.  
I'm hoping in the next month or so we will get out and do more and maybe i'll have more to talk about, but for now there's a lot of staying home and doing the same ol' things.  Sometimes i want to write about my new life as a mom and breastfeeding and stuff.  But then sometimes i'm not sure i want to share all that. We'll see!

Hope you enjoy your week!   

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