Saturday, April 11, 2015


Us girls enjoying some warm weather before the storms rolled in earlier this week.
Zivas toy got caught in my hair and was pulling it before I took this picture so that's the reason for the face. Rose looks a little scared too. It cracks me up. 

We're still working on some sleep training here.  Some nights are pretty good while others are still pretty rough.  We're thinking maybe she's teething.  That's the only thing we can think of as to why she's all the sudden not sleeping through the night anymore.  Putting her down to sleep is fine, but keeping her asleep through the night is where our trouble is.  Hopefully it's just a phase.  A couple months ago I had a rough month where she was very fussy nursing and I almost quit because I was getting so stressed about it.  She would just scream and refuse to nurse.  I stuck with it and things are so much better now.  She use to feed for an hour and now she's down to 15 minutes maybe.  So maybe after this sleep trouble it will all turn out better too!  

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