Thursday, April 23, 2015


I snuck into Roses room last night to check on her and saw her little booty
 up in the air and thought it was too cute! 

So after a month (plus) long battle with trying to get her to sleep through the night again and trying to figure out what was wrong, i think we figured it out.  One night i checked on her and she was on her belly.  I was a little worried, but she seemed to be sleeping hard.  Of course then i thought about it more and tossed and turned in bed and went to try and turn her over.  It didn't go so smooth and she woke up angry that i woke her.  The next night she rolled on her belly again and i left her.  Ever since she's been a tummy sleeper mostly and has been sleeping so much better.  She only wakes up maybe once or twice.  The only thing is sometimes i see that her face is down in the mattress and then i get all worried again.  I just turn her head, but sometimes she just goes right back to it.  I'm just glad she's sleeping again, even if i'm not sleeping still because i'm always checking on her.  Naps seem to be better too.  Well except for right now.  She was probably only down for 20 minutes.  But yesterday i got a full hour! 

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