Monday, December 12, 2011

Ditty of the Day :: Home Alone

I've been humming the Home Alone songs all week so i thought i would post a video i found of the songs and some fun lights to go with it.

We just about finished moving everything in.  Just a few things in the other place like a rug and a chair.  Yesterday we decorated the Christmas tree.  There is still stuff everywhere that needs to find its place, but it's coming together.  Jeremy's mom is coming to visit next Tuesday so hopefully things will be put up.  Since our closets don't have doors i need to get some curtains or some fabric to make curtains to hide some of our mess. Storage in this unit is a little tight so we are having to find ways to hide things or display them nicely. 

P.S.  We saw Ziva for the first time on Saturday!!  She was so happy to see us (unfortunately we had to ignore for the first few minutes.  She was jumping up on us and we had to wait till she stopped.)  Finally after an hour of working with her and the guy teaching us how things work we were able to pet her and give her some love.  She was just so happy she was peeing everywhere.  Same ole Ziva.  We will see her again today for another review/training!!  And again tomorrow and we will get to take her home. YAY!!!  We will finally have our little family together again.

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