Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back at 2011

Since i started this blog at the end of July, I don't have too many pictures of what went on before then, but here's what went on in 2011!

In January we took Ziva for walks in Forest Park.  She loved frolicking through the snow and walking on the iced over pond

We also were entertained with watching her play with her toys...

In February we drove to our hometown in south Georgia...13 hours with a whinny puppy and who wouldn't go to the bathroom.

The beginning of March we still had snow :(.  I visited Hogwarts. When it warmed up some we took walks down to the Arch and in University City. We also saw pretty trees bloom...

Jeremy had a week off at the beginning of April so we went to the zoo and the botanical gardens.  His mom tried to visit us too, but right when she was suppose to be flying in from ATL our airport got hit by a tornado. 

In May the Mississippi River flooded so we walked down to the Arch.  I also went to Forest Park one day and had a little photo shoot.  Jeremy had surgery on his thumb, Ziva got fixed, and i was sick all in the same week. 

In June i had my 22nd birthday.  We also went home for 2 weeks.  My friends, Nikki and Tim, got married one weekend, and the next weekend Jeremy's sister, Lindsey, got married.

Me and my dear friend, Lauren, doing what we do best  (looking crazy and dancing)

Lindsey actually got married the 1st of July
In July we got home in time to see fireworks outside our apartment windows, Ziva got a raincoat, we had our first Ted Drewes frozen custard, we saw Gavin Degraw and U2 in concert for free, and started this blog,

In August i got my new sewing machine , Ziva played in the water at the City Garden, we played at Forest park, hiked around at Elephant Rocks, and celebrated Jeremy's 30th birthday.

Ziva last Christmas and then in August...sitting in the same spot.

September we went to Meramec Caverns, had our 1st wedding Anniversary, had a game night playing scrabble, went backstage of The Fox Theater, and went to the Japanese Festival at the Botanical Gardens. 

October started off with beautiful leaves changing, Ziva's first birthday, and my parents visiting.  Jeremy also filmed me and my mom dancing to Hotel California. 

(Click here if video does not work)

In November there was a big celebration for the Cardinals winning the World Series, got free tickets to see Billy Elliot at the Fox, we took a long road trip (click here, here, and here)  I also got my hair cut off, and Ziva went off to boot camp for 5 weeks :(!

In December we moved, Ziva came back from boot camp, went for walks in the park, and Jeremy's mom visited for Christmas.  We also went up in the Arch, went to the zoo to see lights and went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Fox on Christmas Eve. It also snowed.

Happy new year everyone!!

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