Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ziva vs. the Gnome

Dear friends and family,

Mom brought home this ugly little thing last night.  I saw it sitting up on the table staring at me.  Mom put it on the floor and boy did it scare me!  It just kept staring at me...not even blinking and with this little smirk on his face.  I even started yelling (barking) at it to see if it would do anything.  Nope.  After i walked around it a few times and sniffed it out i then thought it must be a toy!  I tried to bite his hand but mom took it away.  She put it outside our front door.  What was she thinking! No one will want to come over with that thing greeting you....

Can't you see the fear in my eyes!

Attack from behind!

I guess he's not so bad.

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