Thursday, December 15, 2011

Life lately according to my iphone


Balcony lights

Chinese food on the floor

Nativity Scene
(My mom has a tiny Nativity set that is porcelain or something and each piece was only about an inch tall, but me and my brother, Ian, use to hide those pieces all over the house and the other person had to find them.  It was always fun.)

and they are also finger puppets

Tree top hat
(check out the yarn ball at the bottom...i made a few)

Christmas tree
(Zivas stocking in the middle)

Vintage Ornaments

Ziva is baaaack!! 
Checking out the balcony this morning.
She loves it.

This is her right now...
and the way she has been most of the morning.
She sleepy pup.
Worked hard at bootcamp.


  1. Hey Hilary and Jeremy! We hope you kids are doing well. Movin' on up, huh? Good to see Ziva back. We're still enjoying your nice care package (thanks again!) and wishing you a Merry Christmas. We're off to Rome in a bit over a week to see Brenda, Tom, and the Italian clan. Take care and drop us a line when you can.

  2. p.s. ~ nice ornaments and rad
    nativity finger puppets.

  3. Hey Josh! I thought you guys were going to Paris? Well i guess you will see more family this way. Hope you are staying warm! Did i read that you may be going back to the US for a wedding in April? That'll be good. Have a Merry Christmas!


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