Monday, December 5, 2011

Taking a break from moving // On this day last year

Since Friday afternoon we have been moving into our new apartment.  It's in the same building but different unit and floor.   We've done a lot so far but it still seems like we have a lot more to do.  Hopefully by this weekend we will be completely moved over and will get our Christmas tree! 

And on this day last year we drove to Indiana to pick up this cute little puppy!!  We were both so excited and nervous (maybe that was just me.  I was afraid the breeders were going to take one look at us and turn us down)  She was so sleepy on the drive home.  For the first few days she was so quiet and cuddly....that all changed quickly!!!  Ziva is still gone at her training.  I'm hoping we will get to see her this weekend and bring her home next week.  I miss her a lot!!  Even Jeremy told me yesterday that he had a dream about her and woke up sad and missing her.  I'm not sure what she will think of the new place, but i think she will like it.  It's got a big balcony for her to watch the kids below play on the playground.  Unfortunately there's no long hallway for her to run down. 

Here are a few pictures from the first day we got her!

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