Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Biking in Forest Park

This week has been so beautiful!  Monday we took Ziva for a walk along Forest Park.  They have these big cool houses across the street from the park so we decided to look at those.  This week has been the first nice weather we've had of the year so everyone was out walking and biking.  Yesterday we took our bikes out.  After about a minute i asked Jeremy if it was bad that i was already tired.  They have trails all over the park.  Around it and all through it.  We first rode around a lot of it.  It was busy and up hill.  I'll admit it...i was struggling! I think a jogger was about to pass me.  I had to stop a couple of times.  We finally got off the hill and went onto some of the wooded trails.  Much better. But then we had to get back on the busy trail and hills to get back to our car.  I swear the whole park was up hill.  I was beat.  Bicycling is big here, but not for leisurely strolls.  These people are all decked out in their gear and shirts and what not. When we got home my legs still felt like jello.  We are way out of shape. 

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