Monday, March 12, 2012

A bunch of pictures from the weekend

First off, this little lady had not been herself at all last week.  When we picked her up last Monday from the kennel we figured she would be sleep for the rest of the day and maybe some the next.  Well she slept all week.  Tuesday night Jeremy was petting her on her back and she started to cry and snap at him when he touched her in a certain spot.  We started to wonder if she hit her back or got stung or bit by something.  The next day she hardly moved and when she did it was so slow and she looked so sad.  Plus she wasn't really eating.  We gave her some antibiotics we had left over from getting fixed.  She still wouldn't let us see what it was, but it was puffed up and we thought it must be infected.  As the week went on we noticed her feeling like her old self.  We were both pretty worried since she is usually pretty happy and running around everywhere.  Yesterday we brushed her hair and i went in to see if i could see anything.  Well there was a scab and some of the hair looked bloody.  It looked like it was bad.  She must have ran into something when she was in the woods with the kennel.

I split up the flowers so i could have some in the bedroom.

Picked up some paint chips.  Wanting to paint a side table by the couch this week.

She needs to be supervised at all times with this toy.  She can rip into one of these little plush squeaky toys in seconds and she will eat all the stuffing.
(she just ripped it open while i was loading it in time though and gave her the next zoo animal in line....the elephant)

Grilling out


Watching an oldie...The African Queen 
She didn't stay like this for long.

Checking out the moon.  It was big that night.


"ha ha i win.  Check out my snotty nose artwork"

brushing the hair

We also went out looking for a love seat for the balcony.  Found one we both loved and thought it was $180...went to buy it and turns out it was priced was $400.  We had to pass. 
 Friday we went to the Moolah Lounge and saw John Carter. 
Went for a brisk walk downtown trying to beat the rain.  We ended up getting rained on anyway.
We enjoyed the slightly warmer weather with the door open.
Calling for 70's the rest of the week.

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