Thursday, March 15, 2012

little letters

dear neighbor,
We are now too afraid to watch our TV, because we are worried it will be too loud for you. (ok so maybe it was kinda loud that one time).

dear Spring,
Thank you for coming.  You are so kind.

dear trash,
Stop blowing in the field across the street.  My dog will eat you.

dear people,
Stop throwing chicken wing bones on the side of the road.  My dog will eat them...and i will have to pry her mouth open to pull them out (and occasionally getting my finger chomped on).

dear Ziva,
Please stop shedding.

dear readers,
Sorry i talk so much about my dog.

dear mini cooper with four doors,
We want you.

dear laundry,
Could you fold yourself?  Thanks.  And also maybe grow some little legs and put yourself up? 

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