Friday, March 16, 2012

raincoats - surprise dinner - scabby backs

I was about to take Z outside when i looked out the window and it was raining.
Yay!  Raincoat time!
Yes Ziva has a raincoat...

I kept trying to take a picture with her but she just wanted to
lick my face and bite my arm instead.
I thought "oh she must need to go bad"...
She didn't do a darn thing.  She's kind of a weirdo
when it comes to wet grass...she wont get on it.

Yesterday i got the cleaning bug.  I did a few touch ups to side table i painted, cleaned the bathroom, laundry, dishes, and put things away.  I took the trash out...ok no big deal, except for these ginormous boxes (we got a can see in the pictures above) i had to take to the dump.  I took the elevator down a floor and then had to take the stairs to get to the dumpster.  Those boxes about beat me.  I was breaking a sweat trying to turn tight corners and getting stuck.  I had already broken down the boxes like a good girl.  Then when i got to the dumpster the box was so long and wide i couldn't keep the lid to the dumpster open long enough to get the box in.  Anyway, i got them in.

Since Jeremy was working late i decided i would surprise him by having dinner ready when he got home.  Yes, i cooked.  It was nothing too fancy, but i prepared a meal. Im not really a food/cooking/kitchen person.  If it were up to me i would eat hot dogs and hamburgers every night.  But then i would probably be dead.  So dinner was practically ready when he walked in.  I even made brownies! And guess what...we actually ate at the table!

Last night we also decided that Ziva may need to go to the vet to get her back checked out.  Do you remember how i mentioned that we thought she got bit or cut by something?  Well we still aren't sure.  We thought that it was only in one spot on the middle of her back and that it was getting better.  The past few days I've noticed that it is all over her back.  Scabby.  She is acting fine, but when you touch it she reacts a little. She is shedding bad now, but that's just husky shedding or so we thought.  She has a small bald spot now and we can see her skin and there are red scabby spots.  It may be mange or a bad reaction to something. I called the vet this morning and we're going to have her checked this afternoon.  I hope they don't have to shave her (although she might like it with this warmer weather...and she wouldn't shed as bad...hmmm).  Our poor little baby :(  i hope it's nothing too serious.  Of course I'll keep you updated ;)

Jeremy has to work tomorrow.  There is a St. Patricks Day parade downtown that me and Z may walk down to if it's not raining.  Jeremy mentioned last weekend that he wanted to go to the Botanical Gardens sometime so maybe Sunday we'll go.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend!!

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