Friday, July 27, 2012


I've never been much of a jogger or a runner.  I mean when i was younger i used to play soccer and softball (oh and basketball camp one summer), but i wasn't really that good at either.  Ballet was my sport.  I could run really fast for a really short amount of time (fastest on my softball team...we were 8).   The summer before my junior year of high school at church camp we mentored little kids and the little boy that i was paired up with said he was the fastest.  We raced and i won.  He was probably only 8 so maybe that wasn't fair.  If for whatever reason i ever got it in my mind that i wanted to go for a jog it only lasted once.  Like once a year...if that.  I think the worst jog i ever did was when i decided to go with my brother the day i got new contacts and a new prescription.  Everything was dizzy.  Earlier this year i decided to head out to get ready for the dance class i was starting (since i hadn't had a class in forever) and for the Warrior Dash that is coming up.  Yep.  One and done.  I thought i was going to throw up afterwards.  I've heard that it's not best to go into this Dash cold turkey, so last Saturday morning we went to the park.  Now me and z walk the park all the time.  I can do a walker, but a jogger? Pooshaw.  We survived.  My one and done was over with for the year.   Except it wasn't.  I figured if i start off small and slow i can build myself up for this Dash in September.  I've been 4 times so far this past week and each time i go it seems I'm able to go a smidge longer.  Of course it seems I'm starting this in the hottest days of the decade here, but we go early in the mornings.  It still doesn't seem to make a difference some days.  We'll see how long this jogging journey lasts.  I hope to at least keep it going till September so i won't die trying to leap over fire.  Maybe Jeremy will go with me this weekend.

Here is Ziva taking a water break. Hot pup! 
Oh, but don't worry...she hogs the AC when we get in the car.

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