Thursday, July 19, 2012

paint by numbers and a few more flowers from the park

Some more flowers i took from the park.  It's hard to get them from the park to our home without getting a little beat up or wilted, but i do my best. Also i went out to the antique mall to browse.  I came back with 5 new to me paint by numbers and a little footed vase. 

I believe the flowers and the horses are kinda old. The Venice scene i did myself a few years ago.  The Last Supper I've been eyeing for awhile. It was up on the wall all the way at the top by the ceiling so i never really got to see it up close.  I thought that awhile back i saw one in Hobby Lobby and i wanted to do it myself, but ever since then i go back to look and it's never there. I still wish i could have done it buuuut it did come framed! 

I've been working on a lighthouse one for the past few months and last night i ran out of one of the colors i still need a lot of and it looks pretty bad.  It was a cheap one and the paint seems to be kinda watery and it doesn't even cover up the numbers or lines very well so you can see them through the paint.  Plus you have to mix most of the colors yourself and they didn't turn out like the picture.  So i started working on a (Wise) Owl last night.  (i bought a bunch a few months ago...i still have 2 ship ones)

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