Friday, July 13, 2012

stolen flowers

sometimes i steal flowers from the park or clip a few from the "community garden" outside our loft that has been deserted.  most of the ones outside our loft are dried up and dead anyway.  the other day i came across a hardy baby's breath bush and just couldn't resist.  i try and be sneaky because i feel like someone is watching me.  i'm also trying to walk fast but i'm dragging ziva...because you know when i'm in a hurry she wants to put on the breaks and stop and sniff everything.  i also couldn't resist from today's walk in the park...and of course i am going slow, looking and clipping, and ziva is trying to run away.

she's trouble


  1. Aww, Ziva!!! A husky, right? She's absolutely adorable.

  2. Yes! She's a husky

  3. Welcome to my world!

  4. Welcome to my world!


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