Monday, January 27, 2014

a few snow days

A couple weeks ago when we had the Polar Vortex we had several snow days.  Well Jeremy didn't, but a lot of St. Louis was shut down.  Below 0 temperatures with negative wind chills and about 12 inches of snow on and off for a week.  Lots of snow is always fun at first, but after a couple days I'm ready for it to go away and warm up.  I kept hearing and reading about how people need to bring their pets inside and how people could report you if they thought there was some neglect.  Well it was hard to get Ziva to come inside!  She loved the cold and snow and she was sure to tell us if she had enough.  I kept bringing her inside feeling bad for her and thinking we would get in trouble, but Jeremy reminded me that she's a husky and can handle -50 degree weather.  Of course, she was never out over night or longer than an hour or so at a time really. 

Just sittin' around watching the snow fall

She was crazy!

 This is her happy face!

Jeremy shoveling the driveway.  It is not easy!  I tried doing it the next day since more snow fell and it was hard.  I think I got a little frostbite...or frost nip?  After I shoveled the driveway, I went and chased Z for a few minutes.  Decided to try and make a snow angel, which Ziva stopped all over it as soon as I got up.  I couldn't see it anyway it was so bright outside.  When I came inside I noticed one of my fingers was all numb and swollen.  Kinda like I was stung by a bee, but it didn't hurt.  It was like that for awhile before the swelling went down.  I thought I was going to loose my fingertip!  (I had seen the day before pictures on the news how peoples fingers were black from frostbite)
On the garage window where all my plants were.  They almost all died :(  I thought they'd be protected, but I guess it was too cold. 
Hurry up Spring!! I'm ready for warmer weather and no snow!  I'm ready to start planting things and going outside to play!  I'm never really a fan of January and February anyway and this cold is not helping!

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