Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Computer down. Laptop down.

Last week our laptop crashed. Or something. And our desktop has a virus.  Unfortunately for me all of my pictures were on the laptop. Jeremy said he's going to try and save them some how.  I hope he can. At least I have lots of pictures on here that I can go back and save from.   I did get an iPad for Christmas so that's what I'm on now but I'm not sure how to post pictures from my phone/ iPad  from it. Kind of a bummer because I was wanting to post more.

Last week I did some research on making a quilt. My sister in law, Mary, was making one over Christmas and I had been thinking about wanting to do one myself. Nothing too fancy.  Maybe a hexagon pattern. I have a ton of fabric.  Last year I went to a fabric store and they had all kinds of fabric packets (like a 12 by 12....actually probably a lot bigger than that) for like $1.00.  I probably could get started on it now, at least cutting out the hexagons, but Ziva is napping after whining in my face for awhile and I'm all curled up on the couch getting sleepy.   I think I'll just go get that fabric and cut out on the couch....a win win! (Except for my sleepy, dry eyeballs) 

Yesterday I had an aerial class and my arms are so sore today!  I've started working at the dance studio. Not as a dance teacher, but working the front desk and administrative stuff.   It's been a little scary since it's all still new, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon.  

Not much else is new.  I'll keep you posted every now and then and hopefully I can get a working computer or some way to add all my pictures of Ziva ;). I also need a working computer so I can watch this new season of Pretty Little Liars!  I'll try YouTube (nothing else seems to be working). 

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