Saturday, September 3, 2011

New table top setting

Yesterday i decided that i would change things up a bit and redecorate the table top.  Jeremy's grandmother gave us the table back in February and before that we didn't have one.  When we got home i just sorta threw something on it and it's been that way since...Before... 

The candlesticks are from here 
I had some glass bottles, jars, and vases and i decided i would just group them together in the center.  At first i was going to use some burlap for underneath the bottles but i thought that maybe i would use it for place mats. 

I cut out the rectangles and ironed them.  I decided that because the burlap would have kept fraying i pulled off enough little strings on the sides to group and knot off. 

I sewed along the top and bottom so they wouldn't fray either.


 Down the street there is this place where i guess they hold all kinds of different events and a few times i have found these little stems outside that have probably fallen out of flower arrangements or bouquets.  I know the yellow one is craspedia (aka billy balls or billy buttons) which i was so excited when i saw it because i have tried to find some before in stores but couldn't.  I even made some fake ones with pom-poms.  I don't know what the others are, but they look cool.  I've also found some corks outside the building.  Add to my collection (and the bottle with the big cork top came with some corks inside!). 

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