Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Butterfly Dome | Terrarium

The other week i saw in the Design*Sponge (click link to see picture) book a butterfly dome being featured in the DIY section.  I thought it looked really pretty but when i saw the price of how much it cost to make it i was in no way spending $200.  Then i took a closer look and realized that they were real butterflies ordered online and that's probably why so pricey.  So when i went to Hobby Lobby i wasn't thinking about the butterflies, but when i came across this little dome (they had a bigger one but i wanted to keep it cheap and small) i remembered and immediately grabbed it and when by the floral section to pick up some butterflies.  Now i know it's not as grand and beautiful as the other one but i think its still pretty and i like it.  I'm thinking it needs some more butterflies added to it though.

All you need is a dome and base, butterflies in your choice of color(s), a foam circle, a black piece of felt, and i used floral stem wire and took the green tape off.  Oh and also a hot glue gun and maybe some wire cutters.

My dome is only about 8 inches tall.

First, i needed to cut the Styrofoam to fit the dome. Then i hot glued the felt at the bottom of the foam. 
Afterwards i cut the wire at different lengths and hot glued the butterflies to the end.

Since felt is easy to poke the wire through i could arrange it easily with without having to glue anything in.
 Good for later if i want to rearrange and add more.

Added it to the rest of my glass centerpiece at the table.

Glass dome = $9.99 with 50% off = $5.00
Base for dome = $3.49
Styrofoam (comes with 2) = $1.99
Butterflies (package of 6) = $1.99
The felt and wires i already had
Total = about $12.47

Design Sponge dome = $200

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