Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ductwork lighting

Our apartment doesn't have the best lighting.  The kitchen/living room/dining room/work space is actually the worst lighting area.  Even though it practically has a whole wall of windows.  It's in the evening when it mainly matters.  And when your trying to cook...well don't expect to be able to see what your doing most of the time.  Anyway we were going for a walk the other week and it was starting to get dark and as we were looking at other loft buildings it looked like they wrapped lights around their ductwork.  Why hadn't we thought of that?!  So last week i remembered seeing a big ladder in a closet in the lobby (our little step stool was not going to reach the 12 foot ceilings) and i figured that i could borrow it for a little while.  Well it was huge! and not very sturdy.  After i scarcely climbed the ladder and started to wrap the lights around the ductwork i decided that i didn't want to bust my head open hitting the concrete floors. I waited for Jeremy to get home to help. 

Now we have a little bit more lighting and its not so bad when I'm trying to work on projects at night

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