Monday, September 26, 2011

The Fox and Festival

On Saturday we were planning on going to this Museum but when we got there we saw that they were only going to be open for another hour and they were having a special showing of sports photography.  We decided to pass.  But on our drive down there we saw that they were having this Dancing in the Street Festival.  A bunch of different people dancing (mainly kids and some universities)  Several different stages that you could walk around the block and watch different kinds of dancing.  They had tap, break dancing, modern, pointe, and some cultural dancing.  They also had this really cool group from Kansas City called Quixotic Fusion.  They were kinda like Cirque de Soleil.  It was all really cool and we got a free show!  After awhile we noticed a lot of people going into the Fox Theater and decided to see what was going on.  They were letting people in to tour the place.  Plus free popcorn and a drink!  We got to go backstage to the dressing rooms and stuff and for years the people who would play there or put on shows would sign their name on the walls.  Some groups painted morals.  The whole place was covered in signatures.  Some famous (Paul Simon is going to be there in November, but we are going to be out of town).  Of course there were too many names and people back there to see them all but i snapped a few pictures with my phone. 

There were several floors and hallways of signatures.  It was really neat being back there and seeing how they kept a lot
 of things how they were back in the 20s and through out the years.  I can imagine all the hustle and bustle backstage too
since i danced for 17 years.
This is the original curtain from the 1920's

We went all the way up to the top to see what it would be like if we saw a show there...the cheaper seats.  While we were walking around we went down this dark hallway and mentioned how we thought the Phantom was going to get us.  It was a little eerie.
 P.S.  Ziva was jealous that we went without her because it was by her dog park.  She thought we went there without her.

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