Wednesday, September 14, 2011

pillowcase turned skirt

The other day i bought some pillowcases from a thrift store that i thought i could turn into skirts.  I've been working on one since monday but this morning i broke the zipper and was not happy.  It's been raining all day and i didn't want to go out to get a new zipper, so i decided i would do a more simplier one on a different pillowcase. 

You can see the other skirt in the background...theres a little more to it.
Made little holes for ribbon to go through
Made a waistband

Put a pin on the end of the ribbon so it will be easier to work it through the waist

I decided that i liked all the bunching in the back.  I look i have no butt,
 but i was leaning back some to take a picture so i look a little funny.

Total cost of the skirt = $1.00

Ziva in her raincoat!

Don't forget!  Survivor and America's Next Top Model starts tonight. YAY!

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