Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bits and Pieces around the new apartment

Valdosta people...that commercial "Welcome to Mizells" comes to mind when i see this picture.

These are in our short hallway...thought i would make the eye sores a little bit prettier.
 Spray painted some frames.
 I will add more artwork/pictures/something to the wall.

Statue of David having tea

This is a self portrait i had to do in the 5th grade. 
It kinda creeps Jeremy out.
Not sure it will stay on the wall.

Ma Ladies

Ma piggy

A little project that is going to hang above the bed.

So that's just some details of around the apartment....
and a way that i didn't have to take pictures of the full rooms. 
 It's a little messy. 
Took down most of Christmas yesterday :(

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