Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Over the weekend...

We went for a walk.

It was colder than we thought so we made it a short walk to the City Museum.
(Magic School Bus!!)

I made a mushroom headband and worked on some other hair pieces.

I ordered this little book.

We also went to see a movie at the Moolah Lounge. 
It was the first time we've been to this theater. 
It only plays one movie at a time and you sit on these big comfy
leather couches. I believe it has a restaurant on the side,
but they also sell food like pizza and hot dogs for during the movie
Of course i got a hot dog.
They also have all kinds of alcoholic drinks. I heard the
margaritas are great.  But this is St. Louis.
They have alcohol everywhere...even the Zoo.

Here is Ziva telling you about her weekend...

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