Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Black Maxi Skirt Make Over

Last night i decided to cut up an old maxi skirt to make it one of those "shorter in the front longer in the back" kind of this...

I got this skirt from a thrift store last year and hardly ever wore it. I think its made out of that Modal fabric or Jersey Knit (there is no tag) so its kind of heavy.  Long skirts don't always look the best on me because I'm kinda short, unless i wear heels.  So last night i took the scissors to it and made it shorter. All i had to do was even up the seams on the side and cut the shape i wanted.  Since it is made out of that stretchy fabric i didn't have to do any hemming.  It wont fray.

Shirley modeling for you.

This little beast is always getting in pictures.

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