Monday, January 23, 2012

Our weekend...the one that got away

Earlier last week we found out that one of Jeremy's friends, who is in a band, was going to be coming out this way for a show.  Friday was Jeremy's early day out so we figured we would go see them.  We decided that we would stay the night so i was going to have to board Ziva. 

Thursday i took Ziva to the vet for her yearly check up.  Man is she a show stopper or what.  Everyone there (and well this isn't just at the vet, but most places we go...what can i say...i got a cute kid!) was just oooing and ahhing over her.  This one lady kept saying "You're so pretty, you're pretty, you're a pretty puppy" for like 5 minutes.  Then i thought i heard this other lady said  "she looks like a demon" i kinda looked at her like say what?  what did you call my baby?! And then i heard her again and she was only saying " She looks like Demon from Snow Dogs"  which is a movie.  I've only seen like the last ten minutes of it.  It was a little embarrassing at how much attention Ziva was getting when there was another dog sitting near us.  She may be cute, but she is the biggest baby.  It took forever for them to draw blood.  After several treats, letting a little bit of pee out, a few screams, and wiggling out of the needle that was stuck in her arm....they finally got some blood...from the other arm.  Then she tried to get in my lap.  Oh, don't even get me started on the temperature taking.  But she somehow managed all the other shots and stuff.  The veterinarian said she wasn't going to give her anymore treats because she would throw up in the car.  Ziva then immediately burped really loud.  Anyway, after all that, she's a healthy pup.  And she met all her requirements for boarding (oh yea that's why i was telling you all this). 

Friday i took Z to Happytails Hotel.  Where all her dreams came true.  Running around with other dogs for hours on end.  Jeremy didn't end up getting off work too early.  When he got home he made reservations at a hotel and i packed us up for the night.  My new shoes came in the mail just in time before we left.  The show was going to be in Springfield, IL which is only about an hour and thirty minutes away.  Of course when we were leaving it was around rush hour and it was raining.  After about 30 minutes we started to have freezing rain. Everyone was driving very slow.  We pulled over to get some gas and Taco Bell.  Jeremy started to wonder if we should just go home.  We kept going and then we came to a stop.  The streets hadn't been salted yet and the roads were freezing.  We were probably in a stop roll traffic jam for 30 minutes.  Our GPS still said we had an hour to get there.  Jeremy kept saying that we should just turn around (we saw them salt the other side of the road) but we were no where near an exit.  Then we started to spin tail style (or whatever you call it)  Jeremy had it under control for the most part, but then started to panic a little bit.  Other cars backed off for awhile. We then decided to just go on home because we didn't want to die.  Finally we came to an exit and turned around and went home.  We ended up just catching up on our TV shows from earlier in the week.  Not the most exciting, but we managed.  Of course when we finally go out on a trip and do something and have to turn around. 

Saturday i woke up wanting donuts but never got any.  We went and picked up Ziva and found a Moe's on the way home. We were quite excited!  Also on the way home we honked at people texting while driving. Come on people. When we got home Ziva was passed out in the same spot all day long.  We had to peel her off her bed to take her outside. The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet around here.  I worked on a little project (I'm almost done!! eee!) Jeremy played his video games and well, Z was sleeping.  Sunday i did make a run to the grocery store for some donuts!  Hope everyone else had a more exciting weekend! 

New Shoes :)

Moe's knows

Ziva's report card

When she got home she went straight to her bed


current project...almost done.  Will post more on this later. (here)

Later that night. Same spot.

Valentines day project.  I think i have ADD because
 i can't seem to work on one project at a time.

Sunday morning fog

New ball


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