Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Awkward Dancing

This past weekend was Jeremys work Holiday party. A holiday party after Christmas?  I don't know why.  Anyway, it was at this cool place downtown called The Thaxton and it had kinda this 20's vibe to it (i think it was built in to 20's).  So all was going well, the usual mingling, introducing, and drinking.  After we ate everyone went back downstairs to the bar and this lady sang a few songs.  Then the DJ came out and started playing music. There were a few people out there dancing, but knew Jeremy wasn't going to want to dance.  We did take a few ballroom dancing classes for fun when we were dating, but this was more like 80's music and i knew there was no way he was going to get out there.  They were playing some good songs to dance too and i was actually really wanting to get my groove on, but there was hardly anyone out there and i didn't know anyone.  This lady came up to us that i had talked to for awhile at a previous event and she was wanting to get us out there.  Of course Jeremy volunteered myself.  And of course i declined. I had wanted to get out there though.  I had been dancing around in my head for awhile and was really feeling the beat.  After a few minutes there were about 4 or 5 girls on the floor.  The lady that we talked to earlier motioned for me to come out there.  Sigh. So i trotted out there.  You know when you are watching a group of people dance and in your head you have all these great moves and know exactly what to do but when you get on the dance floor you end up lookin a fool?? Well that was me.  And lookin' fool on the dance floor for me is not doing anything.  I ended up standing in one spot bobbing my head, snapping, and doing some weird version of the salsa.  I look at the other girls dancing.  Oh they're singing to each other...i start trying to sing to the girl next to me...i don't know her (or anyone for that matter) she wont even look at me.  I look back at Jeremy...he's standing with all his friends and i feel like they are all staring at me.  What the heck am i doing??!!  Why can't i dance?  Why am i out here with these people i don't know trying to bust a move and sing to them???  After a couple songs the electric slide comes on and that was my que to make a run for it.  After all that went down we slipped out of there without saying goodbye to anyone.  It wasn't so much embarrassing as it was just plain awkward.  At least i usually only see these people once or twice a year.  I guess i just needed some friends or my mom or even my mom and her friends (which happened at my wedding) out there with me. I'm not usually a stiff!  I went with Lindsey (sister-in-law and bff) to some dance party several years ago and she took me to one of her school dances because we are such dance freaks.  We kinda kept it fun and interesting.  If there was music and dancing we were on the dance floor. At my friends wedding we were out there pretty much the whole night.  Anyway here is proof that i do dance and i don't look like a fool (well maybe i do to others but it's just plain fun to me)...

Bachorlette party bustin' a move

Do you see me?

Me and my brother, Josh.

Picture 4 and 5 are by Kerinsa Marie Photography
My wedding pictures are by Clarus Photography

I might have gone a little crazy overboard on the pictures. Sorry :)
It definitely doesn't look like i have had 17 years
of dance classes.


  1. Love it. People were just staring because they're jealous.

  2. That's why they serve alcohol at these things...the trick is to drink more and care less (within reason, of course)...I remember doing a running knee slide at an office party in the Bronx that loosened the gym up. I mean, they're all strangers anyway, and what's dancing to 80s music if you don't act silly. Although, I imagine there were a bunch of geeky, stiff med-type guys who didn't want to crease their pleats or shift their hairpieces, huh?


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