Thursday, January 26, 2012

Little House on the pillow

Ok so i know that was a cheesy title...whatever...

A few months back i saw some little house pillows here and here. The girl on the blog mom makes them. I thought that they were really cute and figured i would try and make one for myself.  I kinda based it off the house i grew up in.  When i would describe to people where i lived it always ended with "oh the big white house with the red chimneys" so i had to have a red roof.  We also used to have a big tree out front with a tire swing on it.  Me and my brother, Ian, were playing on it one day (i was probably 6) and the photographer for the newspaper drove by, stopped and took some pictures of us.  The next week we were in the newspaper...playing on the tire swing.  I also had to have some flowers out front since my mom is a gardener. 

My brothers didn't have floral curtains in their bedroom, but i liked the fabric.

Most of it was stitched by hand. 

I think the tree might be one of my favorite parts.

And a song for my pillow ...

That dog looks like Ziva!


  1. That's absolutely awesome!!

  2. Brenda Sue2/18/2012

    I love the tree too and the dog on the album does look like Ziva. You are so talented...just like your mom!


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