Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The big 3-0

Today is Jeremy's Birthday!  The big 3-0!  On Monday Jeremy was working late so i went out to target to pick up some things to make cupcakes and a few presents.  Yesterday i made some pretty bunting flags.  Remember my burlap/doily ones?  Well i made some triangle colored ones yesterday.  I decided that i would surprise him this morning, so last night while he was sleeping i made the cupcakes and put out my colored flags and a couple presents on the kitchen island.  I was trying to be all secretive, which is hard for me because when im excited about something i can't help but tell him.  Last night when he went to bed i told him i was going to stay up and read (which i have done a couple times this week) but really i made the cupcakes.  So i had to tell him this morning that i lied to him...i didn't really read. I think he forgave me ;) Here are the bunting flags i made...

I spy with my little eye....something staring at me.

My skills

Oh i got a new lamp shade from World Market!  This isn't one of his
presents...although it is on his side of the bed ;)

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