Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DIY Valentine Arrows

I've been waiting to share this little project with you for about a week. 
 I wanted to wait till it was at least February!
 Last year i came across this DIY at Design Sponge after Valentines Day
and hoped that i would remember it for this year.  I did!


-wooden dowels
-wooden hearts
-hot glue gun or other kinds of glue (i tried wood glue put for some reason it didn't stick...maybe i didn't wait long enough)

First sand down the wooden dowels and hearts until smooth.  Then to make the end into the "v" to fit the heart i found that the best way was to just sand it down.  As you can see the first 2 dowels didn't turn out so good because i tried to cut it with a blade.

Paint the hearts and dowels in your base color.  Then glue on heart.

Cut feathers and attach to other end of dowel.  Then for the center just paint some stripes or whatever you like and tie around some string. 

I really love mine and i may just have to put them on the wall somewhere and keep them out year-round!!

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