Friday, April 13, 2012

juggling sticks, foxtail, broken glasses...

Saturday Josh and Mary arrived and we all (Mary's family too) gathered around and talked for awhile.  We haven't seen them in a year since they left for the peace corps. Later, me josh and my parents walked to the beach to play with the foxtail (if you don't know what a foxtail is you can see here) after playing for awhile and feeling cramped with people we decided to walk the beach.  We found an area that was pretty bare so we started playing again.  Someone threw it to my dad and his face decided to catch it.  All i saw was him turn around and the lens to his glasses go flying to the side.  We all run over to make sure he's ok, which he is, but his glasses are obviously broken.  After we decide that they can be fixed with some glue we walk back and Josh and I go to the grocery store.  We come back and it's the wrong kind of we go back.  Finally we get his glasses glued back and he can see again.  The rest of the evening we enjoyed some tasty grilled  hamburgers, stories of Ukraine, and just being around family.

juggling sticks while we wait for josh and mary


giant jelly

i secretly snapped this with my phone.  at the time it was a serious matter (since my dad is kind of blind without his glasses), yet me and josh were elbowing each other and snickering. we all laughed about it later.  that foxtail did some damage...broke dads glasses and a ceiling fan (because someone else was playing with it on the screened in porch)

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