Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter sunrise on the beach and cemetery

Easter morning me and my parents woke up at 6:30, bundled up
 and walked down to the beach to see the sunrise. 

After we got back i laid on the couch for a bit while Mary and 
her mom (who are both chefs) made breakfast for everyone. 
Later me Josh and Mary we to the beach. 
We played with the foxtail for awhile.
Me and Josh tossed a football around and kicked the soccer ball to each other. 
I was pretty bad at both, but the soccer ball was flat and hurt when you kicked it
and the football was just nasty after getting wet and sandy.  
That's my defense anyway. 
So we went back to the foxtail. 
It wasn't very hot on the beach and i didn't feel like i was getting burned, but my legs got roasted. After a week, they are starting to get back to normal. For a few days though it hurt to walk (and especially after waking up and not moving all night...the skin was very tight.  And when i would get the chills my leg hair would stick up and hurt like heck (tmi?))

After the beach me and my parents road out to Christ Church Frederica 
and walked around in the cemetery.

When we got back to the beach house we had a nice Easter dinner made again by Mary and her mom.
Afterwards we watched a classic...Princess Bride.

Then i snuck off to rub that awful aloe on my sunburn.  
It was the ice kind...that you keep in the fridge. 

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