Saturday, April 21, 2012

Love/Hate kind of day. Plus a Ditty

I'll start with the hate...

*Jeremy working on a Saturday

*Getting up at 7AM to take the dog outside.  After waiting an hour for her to go back to sleep she finally settles down, but im not tired anymore.  I start to get sleepy when a freaking marching band has practice outside my window (yes a real marching band. we live next to a high school).

*Blow drying my hair and hitting myself upside the head the the blow dryer.  I'm not sure why i was so viscous...i don't have that much hair.  

*Sneezing after putting on mascara.  hello raccoon eyes. 

*Got ready to go to the Earth Day Festival and do a quick look online to make sure it's today, only to find out it's's tomorrow. 


*The song i've been humming for weeks is playing on the radio when i get in the car.  

*Then finding out the album of the song i've been humming for weeks (Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son)  is still at the antique store which i saw there 3 weeks ago and regrettably didn't pick up. 

*Hitting the old glass bottle jackpot. 

*Jeremy bringing home a Chic Fil A sandwich for me. 

*Finding out James Taylor will be in St. Louis in July!

so you can hum it for weeks too ;)

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