Friday, February 3, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Around the apartment...

1. Life through the winter
2. Owl eyes
3. Jungle
4. Sweet Dreams
5. Granny : ziva giving Granny a kiss
6. Old candy canes
7. Ziva chewing on her bone and watching the kids play
8. Laundry day
9. chicken for dinner
10. Raincoat
11. Family (me, ian, josh, pet owl, mom and dad)
12. Sweet notes
13. Ziva in jail...and can't believe it
14. Wine
15. Pretty pin cushion
16. Kiwi


  1. Nice stuff. Where did you get that photo of granny? Is it a copy? I'd like one if you can send it :~}

  2. Yes it's a copy. I got it off mom and dads computer a while back. I think i scanned it for mom for the family reunion. I'll send one to you!


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