Wednesday, February 22, 2012

warning: me and ziva picture overload

Ziva has been following me everywhere.  She'll follow me room to room and get all comfy, just in time for me to leave that room to go somewhere else.  I even wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and find her laying next to me (on the floor).  She's never been a cuddly dog.  She wont usually let other people pet her either.  She's friendly, but just to playful and wants to lick or play bite you. (however if you stratch her belly she will love you forever.  If she is laying down and reach for her she will automatically crank that leg up so you can get to her belly).  She is almost a year and a half I suppose she is still in her puppy stage.   Latley she has come around and will lay next to me or sometimes rest her head on my lap if we are on the couch.  Last night i made Jeremy take a picture of us so i could have proof she cuddled.

Most of these pictures aren't the best.  I took them with my phone and the lighting was bad so it made them turn out pixely.  My bad.

She fell asleep on the chair while i was on the computer.

bi eyed

Ziva is "smizing"


When i went to the grocery store yesterday Jeremy said she stayed in the hallway by the door the whole time.  Im going to say it's because she missed me.  :)

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