Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Valentines Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day.  Mine was pretty good for the most part.  Jeremy had to work late so it was kinda boring.  Although me and Ziva went out and played in the snow for a while.  I got him this card:

Plus i had made a cake and some breakfast casserole the other day.

He got me an Anthropologie gift card.  I was surprised because i didn't know when he would have gotten it.  Well we were in the store over the weekend and i guess i was just not paying him any attention.   We just stayed in and had some Salmon and watched TV. 

After we went to bed is when things started to get pretty exciting.  We had been in bed for awhile when i started to hear all these sirens.  I heard some of them stop right outside our building.  So i got out of bed and looked out our bedroom window.  All i could really see was the flashing lights bouncing off of other cars, but couldn't tell where they were and what they were there for.  So i put on my bedroom slippers and a jacket and went outside on the balcony.  That's when i saw a fire truck and then saw them trying to get inside our building.  I then ran to tell Jeremy what was going on (trying to explain who and what like a baboon fumbling over my words).  I went back out to see if they were still there.  They were and still couldn't get in.  There were like 4 or 5 of them out there and i heard one of them say "come on let us in".  We have pass codes to get in. So i yelled down and gave them our number.  I felt important and was all like "ohhh I helped!!".  Then i heard them on our floor...down the hall!  I was running around trying to find Jeremy all panicky yelling that they were on our floor.  I think he fell asleep in the bathroom.  So i opened the front door and it was kinda smokey and smelled kinda funny  (i was still trying to update Jeremy of what was going on in a whisper yell...i think he was already back in bed.  At least Ziva was interested).  I hung out the door for a minute to listen to what was going on (i couldn't see because it was around the corner...i didn't want to walk down there in my pj's and retainers and be all like yeaaa I'm the one that let you in).  Then the neighbor across from us opened the door and was taking the trash out and said "the neighbor just had a little fire" Like it was no big deal.  I don't know what went on, but i guess it wasn't that big of a deal because the firemen didn't stay too long.

After all that i had a small headache (which then turned into an all night-all morning headache) and my heart was beating all fast.  But i tell ya, those firemen are....well, brave.  I got nervous just looking at them with all their tools and gear on and thinking about what they may be getting into.  And then i was like what?? I just yelled at them. (I'm not one to usually speak out to strangers, let alone yell out at them).  Same goes for police men and and people in the military.  I mean i don't yell at them, but the bravery part.  Putting their life on the line to save or protect someone/thing. I don't know if i could do that.  Well i could maybe be a detective or something.  I'm good with noticing details and picking up on things.  Sometimes that's good and sometimes it's bad.  I'm one of those people who if in a building or situation i sometimes figure out how to escape if something awful was happening or i get all cautious of a suspicious looking person.  Can never be too careful.  I mean i can't be the only person that thinks that there could be a dead body in the sleeping bag behind some bushes (but very open for anyone to see).  It's been there for a few weeks now.  That was actually the first thing that came to my mind when i saw all the flashing lights outside.  I was looking in that area to see if that's what they came for.  I thought oh no they found it and i was right.  I walked up by it the other day to get a better look.  From a distance it looks all raised up at the top/middle and then again where there could be feet.  Then when you get closer it still looks like that but different.  I didn't want to stand by it for too long because i was afraid someone was going to pop out and grab my leg.  Ziva started to get close to it and smell it but i pulled her away because i didn't want any trace that we were that close to it because i didn't want to be a suspect or whatever.  Didn't want to leave any fingerprints or hairs.  Most likely it's not a body and probably just some clothes stuffed inside or even just some of the sleeping bag tucked under there.  Maybe I've just seen too many Law and Order and NCIS TV shows.  Like i said i notice things a lot.  Good and bad.  Jeremy said he hasn't even seen it.  Anyway this story has gone on for far too long.  Sorry for the random rambling. I actually wrote most of this last night when i couldn't sleep.  That might explain the craziness. 

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