Monday, February 13, 2012

Ziva talks about her day

Hi friends and family, Ziva here!

Yesterday i was told we were going to go walk in some parade, but that never happened.  We did end up going to my favorite place (dog park) and i got to run around with some of my friends.  Then we walked around town some.  We came across this iced over stream/pond thing and i wasn't scared at all and stepped right on it.  It was very smooth and felt good to my paws.  After a few minutes i walked to one side and the ice broke and i fell through.  Only my arms and legs got wet.  It was cold! 

As you can see...i survived!  Mom and dad kept laughing at me though.  Then i went to hang out with this girl reading to dry off some.  For some reason she wasn't moving...maybe she froze.

After we got home i passed out on the couch.  Mom was talking to Grandma and Grandpa and i got to see them on the computer.  Then later i was still trying to sleep and they blared some music and mom danced around like a crazy person trying to get me to dance with her.  I did the best i could. 

This morning it was snowing!!  I hope it snows all day! 

Well thats all for now!  

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