Tuesday, February 21, 2012

started taking a dance class

Last night i had my first dance class since i left home and my dance studio.  Really it was my first "class" with a full bare routine since 2007.  (wait i take that back...i guess when i taught my last year i did bare work with the students, but in the college/adult class we pretty much just stretched ourselves and then worked on our dances for the recital).  It's Ballet Intermediate. The class is a mixture of older women and a few around my age.  They all knew each other and had taken a class there last month (which means they were more loose than i was)  I was fresh meat and felt like they were watching me to see how i would keep up.  Of course they probably weren't.  It was a good class though and i am looking forward to more.  I am definitely feeling it today.  Although it's more of aching joints than sore muscles.  That will probably come tomorrow.

Me after my senior year 2007.  I was the Dying Swan.

And because I've been missing my kitty...this was after the recital. 
I miss those cheese hugs.  His claws were probably digging into my neck.

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