Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Doing a little gardening

Bought a fern and some pots to do some repotting.

Ziva wanted to come out so bad. 
She was not allowed because i knew she would get into everything.

Donkey ear fell off

Hellllloooo dirty fingers

Pretty tools

I was going to repot these, but they aren't doing too hot
and figured i should wait awhile. 
These are from our wedding
so they are a little special to me and i really don't want them to die!!

This Moss Rose is also from our wedding.

I was talking to my mom about my plants afterwards
and she was saying that i will soon have a whole barnyard...
Hen and chicks
Donkey Ears
Burros tail/Donkey tail
I also have a few others i don't know the names of.

p.s. I also found out from my mom and from looking online that some of the succulents aren't doing too well because i have most likely been over watering them this winter.  They don't need much water in the winter.  I was thinking that because it was cold and maybe they weren't getting enough sunlight and moved them (which could also be the problem).  I read that the hen and chicks can actually sustain pretty cool weather.

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