Friday, August 19, 2011

Chair Redo

Over the summer i went back home for a couple weeks.  When my mom and I were driving around i saw a chair on the side of the road and so we pulled over.  It had a busted leg but i threw it in the back of the car anyway.  I knew my mom had redone some furniture before so i figured she would know what to do.  After we took it home and started to look at it it almost started to seem like it wasn't fixable.  It was missing a chunk of wood to glue it back together.  But we did it anyway and it seemed to hold pretty well.  I was mainly thinking about using it for decoration (or if fixed use it at my desk at the time...its too short now).  My mom came up with the idea of using L brackets to keep it sturdy.  So when we got back to STL i went out and bought some.  The glue seemed to have worked but Jeremy was worried if someone sat in it and it broke then they could get hurt.   

 This was the first chair i have ever reupholstered.  I didn't do really any research on how to do anything i started ripping off the old fabric and pulling out all those old nails and staples (and let me tell you there were hundreds) That was actually the fun part to me.  Maybe i should have started off with something more simple and not do the upholstery nails.

It took me forever to finish it because the store i was going to to get the nails from kept running out.  They would only have like 3 packets of 24 at a time.  Who is going to only need 24 upholstery nails at a time?  So while i was working on the back i decided to order some online.  Well they ended up being different colors...and the nail was humongous.  If it went in funny i would try to take it out and when i did it ripped the fabric.  I was getting frustrated to say the least.  I finally finished it yesterday and the back is kind of hideous, but im glad to be done with it.  I guess i will have to always keep it up against the wall or someday redo it again.  But for now it stays.

Two layers

I dont think i should show the back of the after...

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