Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Last week while i was making my rounds at the antique malls (there are two right next to each other...hours and hours of fun) I had a list of things i was on the look out for.  Windows was one of them. (the other was an old typewriter for someone so she could use in her wedding like we used ours...found it!)  I had seen some windows there before for a reasonable prize and passed them up.  The next time i went they were gone and all i could find were these really expensive ones.  When i went the other day i found some more cheap ones.  I mean they look like the same window just one booth sells it for like $40 more.  Sometimes you have to check out all the booths because a lot of time different booths will sell the same things or similar and you have to compare the prices and quality.   I saw this other lady looking at them so i snatch'em up! I bought 2 and i haven't quite figured out where I'm going to put them.  When i saw them i had planned to put them in our hallway on the wall but i think they may be too heavy to hang.  We can't hang them from the ceiling either because we have tin ceilings.  So i propped one up on the book shelve and the other is just sitting in the office right now. 

I also found this door for a good price and have been going back and forth with getting it.  It's too big to fit into my car so i would need Jeremy's truck.  I do have some plans for it though.  We'll see...maybe i will go out today!

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  1. That bookcase display is awesome. I love the window, too - it adds so much to the space! All your projects are so neat, Hil :)


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