Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dress Form Make-Over

I went out and got a dress form!  While i was driving to the antique store i told myself that i didn't want to spend over $75 (which really means more like 50).  After looking around for awhile i saw one and guess how much it was...$75!  I was toying around with buying it because i still wasn't sure if i wanted to spend that much.  I called up Jeremy and told him to see what he would say.  He told me to go ahead and get it because i would just go back the next day and get it anyway.  Which is probably true...its happened before.  As i was leaving this lady walking in told me that it was cute and asked how much i paid for it. When i told her she said that that was a really good price.  So i felt better.  I knew it was a good price compared to the $300-500 ones on eBay, I'm just cheap.  It wasn't exactly the kind i wanted, but i think now i love it more than i thought i would.  (Go to previous post to see which ones i liked).  Since i didn't like the gray fabric on it i decided to take it off.  It looks even more vintage with it all gone to me.  Yesterday while i was talking to myself about it, i blurted out the name Shirley.  I don't know where it came from and why i called her that, but i did and it seems to fit.  Soooo here's Shirley!

Here she is with her "sweater" on

When i took it off this is what was underneath.  The bottom was
 already gone so that was a big chunk i didn't have to do. 

Started to remove each piece to take off the old fabric.

Starting to put it back together

I tried to get everything as straight and even as possible. 

I guess if she ever gets cold or I didn't like it or actually need to use it then i could put her sweater back on.  I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.  However, I'm not too jazzed about the big red top so i think i will look for something else for it.  Now to find a spot for her.


  1. this is excellent! i love how it came out. i am in the process of making a vintage looking dress form from a pattern that i bought on etsy. thanks for your inspiration! - karen

  2. I love this! You need to blog more! Love you!


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